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Brant's Market | Since 1922

Founded in 1922

James & Marie Brant acquired Harrison & Sons Meat Shop located at 125 S. Main St. in Lucas, KS, in 1922, renaming it "Brant's Meat Market."

Brant's Market | Since 1922

First Generation

James Brant ran a full service butchery shop, but became known for his recipes from Czechoslovakia, which included Jaternice, Ring Bologna, and Sausage.

Brant's Market | Since 1922

Second Generation

Growing up in the store, their sons Frank and George Brant learned to make the popular recipes and continued the family business.

Brant's Market | Since 1922

Third Generation

Keeping with tradition, George's son Douglas returned to Lucas to work with him, purchasing the business with his wife Linda in 1988.

Brant's Market | Since 1922

Fourth Generation

Doug continued to own and run
Brant's Meat Market for 30 years, with his daughter Stephanie returning to work alongside him in 2014.


A New Era

When the business closed permanently in early 2018, Adam & Ashley Comeau purchased it from the Brants, reopening in the summer of 2018.

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